In the woods near Fyrish Monument | Scotland

Sometimes, it pays to look down!On a shoot in the Scottish Highlands last September, I took an hour away from the job and headed into the enchanting woods close to Fyrish monument. While these are thousands of photographs, drone pics and film of fyrish monument itself, I looked beyond the obvious, enjoying the peace, serenity and nature of this fabulous part of Scotland.

The inspirational colour palette that played out beneath my feet was a wonderful spectacle and it deserved to be represented through my lens.

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Centre 81 | Ability Not Disability

A charity that I am always happy to support with film or photography is the inspirational Centre 81 in Great Yarmouth. They are shortly on the move to a new state of the art premises, moving from Tar Works Rd to the Gapton Hall Estate in a purpose designed centre and they could really do with YOUR help. If you’re able to help support this valuable community charity then please make contact with them and get involved.

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Winter Camping Trip

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of enjoying a winter camping trip, truly ‘getting away from it all’… that’s right, a winter camping trip under the stars (well, actually it was cloudy and wet!) and without any mobile phones/laptops and nonsense.

A friend and I found a lovely little spot on a Norfolk beach and settled in for an evening around the campfire, eating, drinking and talking. It was a lovely back to basics trip and much needed after the excesses of the festive period.

We enjoyed a similar trip in late autumn and it seems this may be a regular exercise to recharge the batteries!

I generally don’t take any camera equipment on trips like this, but on this trip I popped my small Fuji X30 in the bag and so glad I did.

Upon waking up, it was evident the morning light was truly special and I’m really glad I took the little camera to shoot a couple of frames.

This shot is straight out of the camera.. No nonsense, no filters or anything like that. Kind of resembling our little camping trip – back to basics

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Norwich Jobs Fair | The Place to find a job!

Before Christmas I shot some imagery & a short video of the Norwich Jobs Fair… Looking for work? I can thoroughly recommend a visit to

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Editorial Images | Norwich

Shooting for one of my regular clients during the summer, I had the opportunity to visit Heat Norfolk, in their Norwich Office. A series of strong editorial imagery was required for upcoming publications. It’s always fascinating, no matter where I am in the country to visit industry, talk to people who are passionate about their business and capture really strong imagery.

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Community Healthcare Imagery

The commitment, passion and willingness to serve the local community is a fundamental part of healthcare in the community and it’s a pleasure to be able to work with local community healthcare providers ECCH in capturing the teams both in house and out in the community and witness first hand the great work they do.
#Eastcoast #Norfolk #Suffolk #GreatYarmouth #Community #Healthcare #Medical #Health #Pandemic #wearmaskstaysafe

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Tom | Fast Food Cycle Courier

Another portrait from the Pandemic portraits. Spoken in his own words, Tom | Fast Food Cycle Courier

“I Got laid off work during the pandemic, but soon found myself working as a JUSTEAT cycle courier. Throughout the pandemic it’s been a sociable job and great way to keep my training miles up. It’s not like when I sit at one pace on the road bike, this is almost like intervals, sprinting between traffic lights, roundabouts and the like. I’ve had a fair few near misses, especially in town, but on the whole it’s a pretty good way to earn money and keep fit.

The one big difference during lockdown has been the distance people order food from.
Before lockdowns you would occasionally get a delivery round the corner, but honestly, during the pandemic, at times I’ve not even bothered jumping on the bike, it’s been like a hundred steps from the fast-food restaurant to the delivery drop. Crazy”

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Vibrant Corporate Imagery

It’s been a few months since the majority of my work has thankfully returned to normal and it was a pleasure a couple of months ago to attend the new ABG offices in central Norwich and meet the staff face to face – yes really.

Smiling, talking and being productive in a wonderful new bright interior.

It’s wonderful to see how business has adapted to new challenges, embraced the use of online platforms and working from home, but equally it’s so lovely to have and see that human interaction for both myself and the people I photograph.

#Norwich #Business #Corporate #Photography #Business

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Jan | Care Support Worker | Norfolk

From the early 2021 Covid Portrait series. Shot socially distanced, using a single strobe & black backdrop.

Care Support Worker.

“I work in an 80 bed dementia home in Norfolk.

We do what we can for our residents to make their life as happy and homely as possible.
It’s been so difficult during lockdown, thankfully visiting is allowed again, but during the height of lockdown, no one was allowed in and psychologically it was really tough for everyone, the residents, their families and indeed us, the carers. The residents only had us, so we were their family and it was a privilege to be such a crucial element of their lives during Covid-19.

I constantly worry about the residents, we were tested regularly (and continue to be) and from a personal point of view, I didn’t do anything, came to work, home and back again, we just had to keep everyone safe and well and look after each other.

People don’t really realise how difficult it is to be a carer, especially during a worldwide pandemic, maybe in time things will change”

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Apprenticeships in Norfolk

Last month I worked on a series of images for a promotion on apprenticeships in Norfolk. Popping along to Osiris IT in Norwich, I shot a great series with the owner and some of the team, who have been successful in the apprenticeship programs and can the value in such schemes.


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