In Norfolk with Richardson’s

What a fabulous shoot this was… It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Richardson’s site on the Broads and it was lovely to catch up with some familiar faces as I was capturing imagery for a Norwich client, who works with the holiday operator. But also photograph the management team in the surroundings of their boat yard on the Norfolk Broads, whilst then dashing over to visit their fabulous site in Hemsby, Norfolk.

I was immensely impressed with the new climbing/high wire adventure course and the standard of their new chalets – a great asset to the area and I’m sure they are already driving tourism upwards in this part of Norfolk.

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Essex Healthcare

It was hugely rewarding and interesting to capture imagery of the community healthcare professionals who work for St Helena Hospice.

Images were shot throughout the Essex community, representing the heartland of the outreach services.


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Creative office photography. Norwich

t’s a privilege when a client like Bluespace Ltd asks for a creative portfolio of images to showcase some of their latest work and it was joy to be able to document the space before it was fully operational.

“Bluespace worked alongside Birketts to fulfil the vision of creating a professional, modern and cheerful workplace in line with their new brand identity and agile working practice”

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Cambridge Summer Party

What’s better than a summer BBQ, with tasty treats, drinks, plenty of sunshine and a spot of networking.

Allia hosted a summer get together recently at their fab business centre in Cambridge. The perfect opportunity for tenants and staff to get to know each other in relaxed surroundings.

Chatting to the tenants, it’s obvious how valued these get togethers are and especially in a largely post covid world, that personal connection is more important than ever.



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Celebrations @ East Coast College

Recently it was a few days full of celebrations in Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft for East Coast college and the students who worn the prestigious awards during their celebrations.

Lots of smiles, fantastic sweet treats, emotional moments, inspiring stories and above all staff and students equally proud of each other


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Another Fab Shoot in Norfolk

One of the many joys of being a professional photographer is photographing people, whether I’m telling their stories, shooting for a corporate client or at an event, the connection through strong visual imagery is so important and it’s a pleasure to work in an industry where I cross paths with such diversity.

A fairly recent shoot saw me travel around Norfolk, photographing businesses and individuals to promote the investment that is happening in the region.

From orthodontics, to luxury accommodation, to care homes/facilities for older people. It’s been a great little journey, learning about aspects of the region I had not noticed before.
Getting lost on country lanes, sitting having a cuppa with older people in their new care facility and understanding how investment is having a positive impact on the region and importantly the people in the communities.

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Smiles on the Broads

Four weeks ago saw the inaugural Broads Life Festival in Beccles, on the Southern Broads.

A superb free to attend festival, celebrating Broads life and enabling young and old to try new activities and learn a little more about life on the Broads in North Suffolk & Norfolk.

#Beccles #Broads #Nationalpark

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Broads Life Festival 2022

Broads Life Festival 2022

A couple of weeks ago, Beccles on the Southern Broads hosted the first Broads Life Festival. A free festival celebrating everything great about the Broads, arts & culture in the local area.

Hundreds attended the festival, enjoying the spectacular weather, free activities and learning a little more about life on the Broads and of course, posing for my cameras!

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Portrait of Mike | Volunteer on the Broads

Portrait of Mike – Volunteer Engineer at Hardley Mill, on the Southern Broads – photographed 2022.

Back in 2018. I started a personal portraiture project, documenting people living in Norfolk & North Suffolk, telling the story of them as individuals living on the East Coast.

I met so many inspiring and fascinating people. People who have lived in the area all their life or moved for work and those who settled here as migrants and who have impacted positively on the local area & economy.

I am still working on the project and always keen to hear from anyone who has a suggestion who may be happy to be involved, like Mike, who I shot recently while making a short film on the Mill.

The storytelling project aims to create a social history of the area and will eventually form a small photographic social history book.

The project was originally in part funded by Water, Mills & Marshes, the Broads Landscape Partnership scheme.

#broads #Norfolk #Southernbroads #suffolk #norfolkbroads #mill #portraiture #portrait

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Centre 81 | Great Yarmouth

I enjoyed a visit (a few months ago) to the new Centre 81 building, which is currently under construction/renovation in Great Yarmouth. Shooting images for a client to promote the work and investment in crucial community services, like Centre 81.

Always welcomed with a cuppa and a smile, it’s a unique and valuable asset to the region and I’m looking forward to seeing their new centre this summer.

“Centre 81 is a unique skills and activities centre for people with disabilities and the home of community transport services, which is crucial to the people of Great Yarmouth”

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