Norfolk Libraries | Pre Covid19 Shoot

Another pre Covid19 shoot! Timed just before the outbreak. I was given the brief to travel around the county of Norfolk From Kings Lynn to Great Yarmouth, documenting some of the marvellous facilities and activities at Norfolk Libraries.
Meeting everyone from bouncing babies, expectant mothers, passionate musicians to knitting groups.

Here are a few images from the first shoot.

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The Birding Vicar

Rev Guias A Hawes “Birding Vicar”
The charming Rev Hawes was someone photographed in 2019 as part of the Portrait social history project.
Spoken in his own words
“Who am I, good question that. Even I am not sure at times. I like to think that I am individual, but like so many have succumbed to social media of our times. Birding was kick started when I was 11 years old after a visit by the police for trapping birds. I was sign posted to a local bird ringer, General Wainwright who introduced me into the world of wildfowl. I would spend one day a week, hands on at Abberton reservoir in Essex. But birding requires you to look up and this led me into conversations with God. So I do claim things about faith, Jesus and to some I am known as the “birding vicar”.

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Burgh Castle Almanac Promo

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Burgh Castle Almanac project recently and have put together this short film of their experiences, featuring some of my footage and supplied footage from the beginning of the project.

A litle about the BCA

Burgh Castle Almanac is a mental wellbeing project that uses the historic landscape of Burgh Castle Roman Fort for inspiration, learning and companionship. It is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and run by the Restoration Trust in partnership with Norfolk Archaeological Trust, Access Community Trust, the Broads Authority and Norfolk Museums Service and the Broads Authority as part of their major project, Water Mills and Marshes. This film is made by members of the project with Julian Claxton, and is funded by the Community Fund.

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Gennady | Lowestoft

Gennady kindly posed for a portrait in 2019 as part of the ongoing #portraiture project.
Like many of the subjects, his story is both fascinating and incredibly moving.
A shortened version is below.

Gennady arrived in the UK around 19 years ago, due to the political situation in Eastern Europe.
First moving to the Midlands. Eventually he found himself in Lowestoft, after praying that he would be able to continue his fishing career.
“I came to the town, walked the streets and had nothing, no money and had lost hope. Eventually I stumbled across the Bethal Church. That’s when things changed, I found work on the docks and have been here ever since”
I haven’t seen my family for 11 years, I am waiting for a passport, it’s not easy, but with the support of friends, family and the church and it is bearable”

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Short film of the Big C Centre

Pre Covid-19 I had the pleasure of attending the #BIGC centre at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital to shoot this short video, demonstrating the wonderful warmth and facilities of the Big C Centre.

#NNUH #Norfolk #Norwich #Cancer #Charity #Video

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Chantel | Portrait

A portrait of Chantel from my series of people in Suffolk & Norfolk.

Spoken in her own words and photographed at her Norfolk home.

“I have been in the UK for 11 years, I came via Kamapla, coming to England as a refugee to escape the bad war in DRC. I still have family in DRC and also in Kampala, but sadly I don’t see them.
I miss Congo very much, although it has many problems It is still my home.

We came to the UK without anything, it has been difficult. Refugee life is not good, but at least there is peace and we feel safe. The children go to school and are doing well.
My five boys are all very good. One is not living here, but the others are all at home. One plays football for Wroxham FC and the others are at school and college doing very well, going to university”

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A few weeks before the Covid 19 pandemic I was commissioned to create a series of visuals for a Hospice.

A few weeks before the Covid 19 pandemic I was commissioned to create a series of visuals for a Hospice. I was greeted by a truly gentle calming and inspiring location. Gentle and Calming, just as one would hope a Hospice would be and inspiring due to the caring and friendly nature of the staff. What I witnessed during my time on site was a building that seemingly functioned effortlessly around the patients and their families. Of course, it wasn’t effortlessly at all, the staff & volunteers work terrifically hard at creating such an environment. One which provides a suitable, dignified and calming place to reflect, celebrate lives and care for patients. #Hospice #Care #Healthcare #Keyworker #Nurses #Dr #Photography #charity
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Stunning Iceland Capture

I’ve just finished logging my Iceland images shot in February and somehow, when editing a selection a few weeks back missed this beautiful capture.
Evoking feelings of the location, temperature and senses, I truly love the softness and almost brush stroke feel to this image.

A lovely capture shot on my little Fuji XF

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River Waveney Reed Cutter

Wally Mason | Reed Cutter

Throughout the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and photographing so many incredible people.
I’ve been lucky enough to spend a fair amount of time with two inspirational local reed cutters.

This portrait is from my recent series and features Wally.
A charming person who can often be found on the banks of the River Waveney, plying his trade.
Every bit the ‘character’ you would imagine. I’ve been fortunate to spend hours with Wally, documenting him, his skill and listening to his stories.
I shot this portrait around March 2019.

Back in 2005 using my Hasselblad, I shot a series of images with Eric Edwards (RIP)
learning a lot about Norfolk, the Broads and “how things worked on the river” It was a thrilling time to spend with a man I really admired. I feel privileged to have documented two terrific people and their way of life (i’ll be sharing some of the images of Eric next week)

#Broads #Norfolk #Norfolkbroads #nationalpark #portrait #reedcutter #marshmen #riverwaveney

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Portrait of LTFC Groundsman

From the Portrait Series

David is every bit a Lowestoft man. He used to work in one of the towns key industries, spending days and nights out on the North Sea on one of the many fishing trawlers. which frequented this stretch of coast. Twenty plus years ago, all that changed. He was approached by the club chairman to become the groundsman.
Joining the ground keeping course at Ipswich Town, David learnt from the best in the business, Alan Fergusson, who, incidentally is now the head grounds man for St Georges park – the home of the England International team. Pretty good pedigree to learn from.

David retired from the club last year, but can still be seen on match days – a real character of non league football.

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